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Hyper-Converged and Converged Infrastructure

Updated : July 6, 2020, 12:02 p.m.

Converged infrastructure (CI) and Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) are the most time- & cost-efficient ways to modernize a data center and create a software-defined data center and or achieve the multi-cloud vision.

CI and HCI deliver the business agility, scalability, and simplicity needed to stay competitive. Convergence will continue to be a catalyst for transformation – don’t get left behind!

Why Dell EMC CI/HCI is the fastest, least risky way to modernize your data center

1) Engineered according to strict standards and best practices Lowers cost and risk vs building your own system.

2) ISO-certified manufacturing for integrating all components Faster time-to-value.

3) One way to manage the health and life-cycle of all component Simpler to deploy, scale, upgrade, secure, and monitor.

4) Single call support for all components Faster and simpler problem resolution.

5) Pre-tested, pre-certified code upgrades for all components. This reduces downtime and lowers the cost and risk of upgrades.

Dell-EMC offers entry-level CI/HCI appliances under the VxRail, XC Series hyper-converged appliances and scales to the largest data center needs with multi-node VxBlock and VxRack solutions.


VxRail is the most easily integrated hyper-converged appliance for your VMware vSphere solution. Dell EMC VxRail Appliances are the industry’s only HCI appliances specifically developed and fully optimized for VMware environments.


VxRail Appliances provide familiar management experience to VMware customers, allowing seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure.

It enables customers to buy business outcomes by accelerating and simplifying IT through standardization and automation.

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