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If You Do Not Adopt Disruptive Technology You Will Be Disrupted

Updated : July 6, 2020, 12:03 p.m.


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution is a specialized security software technology used to secure corporate data communications between two computer systems while protecting an individual’s online privacy. VPN technology is mostly employed while operating on insecure public infrastructure like the Internet.

Advanced encryption and authentication standards are employed to secure all traffic that traverses VPNs, hence protecting your data from any interception by hackers or snooping activities. A unified threat management solution at a centralized location ensures data security for all users on a VPN.


The future of the workplace is virtual and will soon exist as a hybrid model. This position is advised by Global Public Health directives to manage a post-CORVID-19 pandemic economic environment and secondly, by business needs to cover up for lost ground and opportunities during the lockdown and resulting disruption.

Office layouts for example compact open office and infrastructure like air conditioning will be negatively impacted by the need to adhere to the minimum social distance while maintaining a healthy and sanitized workspace. As a workaround, there will still be an urgent need to maintain and manage remote workers for most roles that can be performed productively and securely while away from the office.

To cover lost ground in business, field operations need not be moved to the office if the same persons can be empowered with computing technology that allows them to access all systems cheaply and securely via the Internet while communicating effectively via email and technologies like VOIP (Voice Over IP).

This is the principal gap that a VPN Solution is poised to address moving forward.


VPN technology is ubiquitous and most vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, Ubiquiti, Huawei, etc. offer these security implementations in various flavors. For commercial reasons, most are offered with limitations that can only be unlocked by upgrading existing hardware or paying a premium amount for an enhanced license.

We offer a partnership with your business, to maximize existing investment and or engaging your team in a review for a better path that will best address your business needs. Our solutions and approach are platform-agnostic when it comes to addressing this business need and or upgrading to a cost-effective and unlimited platform.

This solution works seamlessly across all platforms: android, apple, windows, and Unix/Linux powered devices.

As a best of breed VPN platform, it also supports 2-factor authentication (2FA) for enhanced military-grade security. 2FA offers a low-hanging fruit for an organization to meet the minimum threshold when it comes to password management in the ICT security sphere. Traditional username-password access management on most platforms, even when followed up with regular user training has been observed to fail, and identified as the main cause for most security breaches due to an ever-evolving threat environment.


VPN has been a fringe technology used in the corporate world to connect remote offices cheaply over the Internet, connect to remote data centers in the public cloud, allow privileged ICT administrators, and third-party contractors remote access for support purposes. This limited implementation is by and large manageable, using a few checks and balances.

The virtual realm is unlike the physical world that can be policed by clearly defining the opening and closing times for main entrance(s) to an office, employing physical registers to manage human traffic, access control on physical doors and CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) to complement the same.

Answers to questions of the form:

A) WHO logged in?

B) HOW was this change effected?

C) WHEN was a change made?

D) WHERE was it made from?


Unless proper security guidelines and investments are made, there will be blind areas that can be exploited by Insider Threats from privileged and trusted users i.e. your staff or third-party contractors.

Once a user logs into a VPN from the other side of the world at an unknown time, you do not have the luxury of powering on a CCTV camera behind his/her computer or standing behind his/her back to guide and watch over his/her actions.


We propose a solution to co-create value at the speed of your business needs. We have a system to monitor, the monitors of the monitors.

This is achieved while maintaining a clear, transparent chain of trust.

Remote Staff

Our solution to the outlined challenge allows for a full and non-intrusive implementation that:

1) monitors,

2) tracks,

3) allows for posthumous replay,

4) real-time alerts,

5) inspection of all online activities via the VPN and

6) any other sensitive system and application that deserves protection.

We invite you to review your present and future operational needs for positive business outcomes.

Watch this solution in action - DETECT - DETER - DISRUPT


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